BE Prime Chimney specializes in chimney repair for residents of New Jersey. 

We offer the following chimney repair services:

Leaky chimneys – After heavy rain, a leaky chimney not only damages your fireplace but also causes water to seep in and damage the interior walls of your house. Our expert chimney specialists can quickly repair any leak, keeping your home dry and damage-free.

Damaged chimney caps, crowns, and covers – Keep those critters out! If you’ve ever noticed birds, raccoons, or squirrels living in your chimney, then you probably have a damaged cap, crown, or cover. Doctor Flue specializes in replacement chase and cap covers, and chimney crown repair.

Chimney fire damage – One of the most common causes of chimney fires is hidden defects. With Doctor Flue’s video inspection technology, our highly trained technicians can find even the most difficult-to-spot problems, saving your home from potential fire damage.

Chimney Repair Specialists

Some examples of chimney damage include:

  • Broken brickwork
  • Exposure to water, particularly with metal or masonry firebox assemblies
  • Rusted dampers
  • Cracked or weakened mortar
  • Cracked flue liner systems


Why Choose BE Prime Chimney?

Our CSIA-certified technicians are trained in the latest repair methods. We’re continuously training and educating our sweeps to stay current in new and emerging technologies by attending annual classes and industry specific trade shows.

Doctor Flue offers a same-day diagnosis guarantee. All chimney damages are fully documented with photos and video scan, allowing us to show and explain to you the issues the same day as the inspection.

Chimney repair isn’t just our job; it’s our specialty!

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