There are many different signs of damage that may indicate you should get a chimney rebuild. The most hazardous issues are often related to water damage or structural issues. Even without frequent use, a damaged chimney can negatively affect your home. 

While you may be able to determine some signs of damage, like cracked bricks or deteriorated mortar, yourself, others must be assessed by a professional. The experienced team at BE Prime Chimney offers chimney inspection services to evaluate your chimney needs. A chimney inspection is the first step to determining if your chimney can be repaired or requires a rebuild. You should get an inspection immediately if:

  • You bought a new house.
  • You have not had your yearly chimney sweep.
  • You see exterior signs of damage.
  • You experience moisture or mold problems in your home, especially near your fireplace. 


Your inspection will determine the extent of damage to your chimney, and if restoration, repair, or rebuild is the best solution. Rebuilding is used for the most extreme cases, and our knowledgeable team will help you assess which method is best for you. If at all possible, we will consider restoration and repair before rebuilding. However, if you do require a chimney rebuild we will help you plan out the best possible option. 

We offer both partial and full chimney rebuilds to accommodate your unique situation. If the primary damage is above the roofline or isolated in a lower section of your chimney, we may be able to simply do a partial rebuild with some additional repairs. We will do our absolute best to only rebuild what is necessary. Regardless of it, you need a partial or full rebuild, we will work with you to choose the best path. 

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